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Our Services

Sale and Purchase of Brand New, Second Hand and all Types of Shipping Containers In Jordan, UAE & Middle East. We are considered as one of the largest sellers and merchants of all kinds of used and new containers, as we also offer very efficient, reliable and cost-effective trucking services for containers within the country.   
Container Storage Yard
Survey & CSC Certificate
Currently, our storage facility is able to accommodate 800 containers (1800 TEU). As a one-stop solutions provider, we handle container storage for the import and export services of containers. Very special rates for Storage of Empty and Full – Load all kinds of containers.
Raseef outsources the IICL (The Institute of International Container Lessors), which sends approved surveyors who ensure proper and efficient handling of all shipping containers, and that they are maintained in good conditions whilst they are in our custody. As well as issuing the CSC certificates (Container Safety Convention Certificates) that are given as per the container safety and shipping requirements.
Transportation & Delivery
So you’ve purchased your shipping containers and you need to get them transported to your location site.
You will need some reliable transportation!​
How much does it cost to transport a Shipping Container?
Raseef is ready to offer you competitive rates in a timely and effective manner. To get the quote, please email to,,,

At the moment, Raseef outsources the repair services from one of the best workshops, which is equipped with the latest repair facilities for all kinds of structural repairs, including spray painting of containers according to recommended IICLs specifications. As well as carrying out necessary seaworthy, cargo-worthy tests managed by licensed inspection companies.    
 Prefabricated Containers     
Prefab and modular are not new concepts, nor is the idea of a shipping container home. 
Shipping container homes and modular homes often lack design , but at Raseef we can help you design your homes/offices/coffee shops without compromise.
We embrace the fact that we are leveraging shipping containers to create modern, beautiful, and modular living spaces.